A Shameful Record: Offical 2013 South African Rhino Poaching Stats

Over 1000 rhinos killed in South Africa in 2013 and over 600 in Kruger National Park alone. How has this escalated so quickly and where has it gone so terribly wrong?

The International Rhino Foundation Blog

The numbers are in. The government of South Africa recently announced that a record 1,004 rhinos were poached last year, up from 668 animals in 2012. (And these are only the deaths we know about.) Today, three weeks into the year, the loss stands at 42 animals — two killings per day.

poaching-numbersOf late, news media have focused on the Dallas Safari Club’s auction of a permit to kill a black rhino in Namibia, an event that has brought forth a range of emotions and arguments. It’s a complex and multi-faceted issue, one that prompted us to write a statement that represents our perspective. The $350,000 that was raised by the auction will go to support rhino conservation in Namibia, which holds a black rhino population of about 1,700 animals — one that has been stable for the past decade or so. While we don’t agree with the tactics…

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