Cycling around the world to save the rhino

In 2014 Johan du Plessis and Will Frazer cycled 23,430km in 234 days around the world from London to Miami to help bring an end to illegal trade in rhino horn.

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Our story

In November 2013 we both realised, for our own reasons, that it was time for a challenge. The timing was perfect, the plan was hatched and before we knew it we were going to go on a bit of an adventure. On 20 April 2014 we left our jobs and lives behind us and set off on an 8 month bike ride around the world.

The trip was wholly unsupported and the whole gig from start to finish was done completely off our own backs. We were as self-sufficient as possible, carrying only the bare essentials that we needed to survive living by the side of the road.

It was the trip of a lifetime. We are now both back in the UK struggling to get our heads around normal life and can often be found day dreaming of the next adventure…

We were riding around the world to raise awareness of how demand for rhino horn in eastern Asia is leading to the plight of one of nature’s most iconic species. When we left in April 300 rhinos had already been killed in South Africa for their horns. By the time we finished over 1200 rhinos had been killed making 2014 the worst year yet to be a rhino.

The money we have raised to date (some £23,000 and counting) will go to Save the Rhino to allow them to  continue their valuable work in protecting viable populations of wild rhino across Africa and Asia from poaching and habitat loss. To find out more about why Rhinos need your support, click here.


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