Letti’s Bicycle Bell

For Aletta, my darling little sister,

           a thousand days have passed since your fight with cancer ended.

Your passing made me understand just how short life can be,

           and was a major reason why I cycled around the world.


This golden bell of yours you never got to use,

           what a heartwarming, spirited and beautiful chime it makes!

 I have carried it across the globe, fixed firm upon my bars,

           and everyday as soon as it rang, I would smile and think of you.


When my wheels turned square and my head hung low,

          I’d ring the bell and I’d think of you and all that you went through.

The melodious song would spur me on and remind me of my luck,

          and before too long I’d smile again, and all the world be right again.


In breathtaking landscapes, when the sun shone high,

          I’d ring the bell and think of you right there by my side.

Thank you, dear Letti for your bell that kept me safe and sound.

          I hope that you enjoyed the ride, just as much as I did.

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