Budapest to Belgrade

We’ve reached some more milestones… over 2500 km, over 100 hours in the saddle and over 100,000 calories. More here.

Over the last 3 days we’ve cycled the 400km from Budapest to Belgrade across what is likely to be some of the flattest terrain we’ll encounter on the whole trip. Averaging 24.5km/h has meant quick riding so we’ve started spending a lot more time off the bike in cafes and fields. Having strengthened our legs through Western Europe it’s now really starting to feel like a holiday. 

Serbia is possibly the friendliest place I’ve ever been. It’s the first country I’ve cycled in where all the car horns are just people spurring you on and then waving as they go past. We’ve also been getting our first real taste of the summer sun… some very dodgy tan/burn lines going on.

The monster pizza in Odzaci, Serbia

We’re also getting into the wild camping now. After overcoming a monster pizza and a few local beers in Odzaci, Serbia, we rolled out of town and found a field of barley to sleep in. Fortunately no tractors came to run us over and we got to wake up to this incredible sunrise (except for the “arty” lens flare).

Sunrise from a barley field just outside Odzaci, Serbia

That’s all for now. Off to wander the city and look at Belgrade’s citadel before heading east towards Romania and the Carpathian Gate this afternoon.