Rhino Cam #12 – Kyrgyzstan (lots of mountains)

First of all, apologies for the late arrival of this post. It’s been nearly 3 weeks since we left Kyrgyzstan, but internet has not been very forthcoming as we’ve been back in the desert again, powering our way across north-west China. Bit windy but progress has been solid and we’ve just knocked off 1400 km in nine days, taking us passed the half-way point of our cycle around the world!

Anyway, Kyrgyzstan was a delight. Anything would be a delight compared to our trials in Uzbekistan, but Kyrgyzstan is a place we both agreed we’d like to go back to and would thoroughly recommend to other travellers. The landscapes were draw dropping and the roads heavenly. Even the food wasn’t too bad (we found steak and chips in Bishkek). Horse meat was definitely on the menu, but we stuck to horse milk and cheese instead. The landscape did mean we had to put our heads down and grind up some serious hills – one hill went on for 7 hours at 9-12% gradient! But there was little that could upset us as there was always an incredible view to be had.

The only low point was Issyk Kul – an enormous alpine lake – which we had high hopes for, but ended up being two days of drudgery. It was basically a Kazakh & Russian tourist resort and held little appeal. We didn’t take a picture or any footage for two days, just because we were so underwhelmed by it. For all you armchair adventurers out there, it looks much nicer on Google Earth than when you’re actually there!

The other point of note is that I fell off my bike (again). As the camera was rolling at the time this latest video does contain footage of the crash. It looks quite bad, so apologies for those who are squeamish about these things. Miraculously i came out of it basically unscathed, just a bit shaken up and with an even bigger fear of fast/steep descents than I already had. The bike however didn’t fare so well and now has two fairly mangled front forks and dented tubing. But we got it going again and am hoping it will still carry me all the way to Miami.