Korea and World Rhino Day

We’ve made it to Kyoto, Japan for World Rhino Day! It has never been a worse time to be a rhino. Based on the current trend, the last rhino in the wild will be killed in 2026!

The last couple of weeks have flown past and we’ve both felt like we’ve been in a dreamworld for much of it. South Korea was the most amazing contrast to Central Asia and China which we’ve been traversing for the last 3 months. Suddenly we had amazing cycle paths, infinite coffee shops and cafes, any food we could wish for and prices to match.

In an odd way it has been sad that it seems the really tough times are behind us. At the same time Korea has surpassed both out expectations. The cycling infrastructure along the Three Rivers Cycleway was just breathtaking and to be back with friends in Ulsan again was for me just unbelievable and completely surreal. Seeing how avidly people have been following our trip and how excited people are about how far we’ve come has super-charged us and set us up for the next phase of the trip. After all we’re only 2/3’s of the way Around the World… Here’s a look back at our time in Korea in photos.

Who's this guy? He looks seriously speedy! Mungyeong, South Korea.