The Final Miles

There have been a few fuzzy heads rolling around South Beach in Miami over the last few days. However the elation of completing our trip is slowly subsiding and thoughts are now turning to home and what happens next. We’ve spent 8 months living a simple and often repetitive routine, which now comes as naturally to us as getting the train to work or driving a car.  It feels strange having no routes to plan, no campsites to scout out, no tents to dry, no panniers to unpack, pack, unpack, pack and so on.

20141209 12

Photos from the last week of the trip

We’ve got a couple more days of beach life in Miami before we fly back to London on Sunday. This is just a quick update to let you know how we got on during our final few days across the alligator infested swamps of the Everglades to Miami

Here’s the last in the Rhino Cam series of video diaries. I am going to have to get used to talking to actual people rather than the camera now! Photos from the last week are up too – click here to take a look.

I also spoke to the BBC World Service about our trip. You can listen to the interview here.