How it all started

Johan: It was the 27th November 2013 and I was nearing the end of the 9 mile cycle to my office at a Korean Construction Yard. The sun was just poking out at the eastern edge of the world. I thought of all the great moments I’ve had on a bike, when the air feels like it’s cleansing my soul and the earth produces an irresistible canvas of colour.

Then I started talking to myself…

“This is beautiful. Everyone back in the UK will be asleep, they won’t see this for hours.”

“A whole world away.”

“Well, actually obviously the same world but on the opposite side.”

“Actually, when you think of it we’re technically joined all the way by land, which in theory means you could cycle back and say hi quickly. Maybe go back for breakfast?”

“That’s ridiculous you can’t do that.”

“That’s a bit of a lazy thing to say. Seriously, why not? In fact, you could just cycle around the whole world! Too far for you?”

It’s at this stage that I was stuck. This last question is not one I can say “yes” to. Friends will tell you, I’ve never been good at passing up a challenge… (particularly when it’s me challenging myself)

A quick look at google maps and I reckoned I could do a belt around the world in about 14,000 miles which couldn’t possibly take more than 9 months. Over the next 24 hours I came up with 1 reason. It would probably be quite a dangerous and lonely thing to do on my own. What about Will?


Will: I was in a pub in south London having a few pints after work when I got a message from Johan. Not quite as dreamy as Johan’s moment with the sunrise, but there was a certain aligning of the stars. I wanted to escape London life, I needed a new challenge in life, I liked cycling, I could probably put up with Johan’s chat in exchange for drafting and at 28 years old it felt like it was now or never to do something foolish before having to get on with the more serious aspects of life. So I was right on board. Time to bail.

After a bit of planning, discussion with friends, family and other halves we both quit our jobs and here we are…