Rhino Cam #10 – Aktau to Nukus (The Karakum Desert)

The last week has been the most challenging of the trip so far, seeing us cycle 1000km across the inhospitable Karakum desert from Aktau in Kazakhstan to Nukus in Uzbekistan.

We started off with a beast of a headwind with no respite for three days, then the tarmac disappeared and we were cycling on through corrugated sand/gravel ruts. On day five a huge thunderstorm had us floundering around in a desert quagmire with the bikes immobilised by mud/concrete. Rescued from the mud by some Russian truckers we eventually made it to the Uzbekistan border, where the temperature soared up to 40C, the watering holes dried up and we shrivelled up into desert prunes.

But after 8 days we’ve made it back to civilization and we’ve survived probably one of the toughest legs of the whole trip. This video shows what we’ve been through and reveals our new found respect for the elements. It’s quite long but it’s amazing how much can happen in a place where supposedly nothing happens…

Thank you to all those who have donated. We’ve now raised over £12,000 for Save the Rhino. Thank you also for the continued messages of support. They make a huge difference.