Vote for the Rhinos! We made it to China!

Vote for us!

The Rhinos have entered the Mountain Warehouse Charity Challenge. If our trip gets the most votes we’ll get an additional £5000 donated to Save the Rhino by Mountain Warehouse. Please click on this link to vote for us. Big Rhino love everyone… Thanks for your support.

In other news… we made it to China, a massive milestone on the trip! It’s unbelievable to have actually come this far and into the penultimate leg of the ride. After the lows of Uzbekistan, the last couple of weeks through Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and into China have been quite incredible.

You may have noticed the lack of updates recently. This has been due to either our remoteness or our current battle with the endless restrictions on Chinese internet supply. We’ll get there soon though hopefully. Here’s one photo for those who can’t wait (mainly our mums I think).

A romo moment camping beside the Toktugul Reservoir, Kyrgyzstan.

A “romo” moment camping beside the Toktugul Reservoir, Kyrgyzstan.