Rhino Cam #11 – Uzbekistan (The Silk Road)

Uzbekistan has been tough for us. Extreme heat, rough roads and terrible Uzbek food that has seen both of us struggling with our health. There have been moments when we have both wanted to pack it in, but we knew this leg of the journey was never going to be easy.

We’ve been ravaged by swarms of mosquitos, melted in 40C+ heat, rattled off our bikes by broken roads, found ourselves laid up in bed for days on end struggling with fever, and clinging to cliff edges to relieve ourselves of the never-ending scours. It’s not been pretty. Uzbekistan is a tough place to live and our approach has largely been based around survival.

Having said that he last few weeks have taken us through the stunning towns of the silk road. The history surrounding the towns of Bukhara and Samarkand has been awe inspiring and the people have been delightful if sometimes a little over inquisitive.

Despite all that we are both mightily relieved that this chapter of our journey has now drawn to a close.

60 days to Shanghai. Now to the mountains…

P.S. The beards are still going strong. So strong in fact that a hotelier in Tashkent asked when we were checking in, whether we were muslims! Result.