Rhino Cam #14 – China (Gansu & Shaanxi)

To start with Gansu province was very similar to Xinjiang – a hot, windy desert. Then we hit Jiayuguan, a huge fort marking the end of the Great Wall of China and for us the gateway into the imperial east of China from the wild west we had been in for so long. We tracked the remnants of the Great Wall along the Hexi corridor to Lanzhou on the mighty Yellow River. The transition in landscape was astonishing going from empty desert to endless valleys of terraces bulging at the seams with crops. Much of the harvesting is still done by hand out here and seeing the bushels being gathered up and the oxen out ploughing the fields was a real throw back in time.

After 10 hard days of riding in which we barely had a wash and slept in all kinds of weird and wonderful places, we made it back into civilization and the urban sprawl of eastern China. It was the first time in what felt like months that food and water suddenly became readily available and we could actually afford to sleep in a bed. It really does feel like we’ve made it through the toughest riding of the trip now.

This video wouldn’t be true to form though without some kind of incident. Still nursing a hangover from cartwheeling down the mountain in Kyrgyzstan my bike frame decided to snap in half. I’ll let you watch the video to find out how we overcame that slightly traumatic experience…