The End of China

We’ve finally battled our way through the people and pollution of Eastern China and landed on the shores of the Yellow Sea and the beaches of Qingdao. It may seem obvious, but it is now very clear that the Eurasian continent is quite a big place. Somehow, 14,690km and 134 days after leaving the English Channel we’ve come to the edge this enormous landmass again. The achievement has left us both quite lost for words.

Heavy smog hanging over the Yellow River. Heading for Wushi, Henan, China.

Heavy smog hanging over the Yellow River

In reality the ride through the crowded provinces in the east of China haven’t nearly lived up to the scare stories we’d heard. Except for small areas of terrible pollution and far too many people, the majority of it was fascinating and full of friendly and inquisitive locals and wall-to-wall farmland. Here are some photos.