Team America Assembles and Photos from California

Taken from Facebook Group ALV APU - Lynne Mac Tavish

Taken a few days ago  – from Facebook Group ALV APU – Lynne Mac Tavish

Imagine the heartache when arriving in the bush one morning to see the animal you’ve come to love and spend your life protecting taken away from you. We need to continue supporting these amazing people at the frontline of the fight against poaching. Thanks so much to everyone for the incredible generosity you’ve shown to raise money for this cause. We’ve now raised just shy of £17,000. Thank you.

Will and I were joined in San Francisco by Anna and Reece. The Rhinos have now become a team of 4. It has been amazing to have an injection of fresh energy and enthusiasm into the trip. Shortly after Santa Cruz, Will and Anna took a detour to spend some time together and left me and Reece to battle the Rockies and Death Valley. We’ll be meeting up again in the next week to continue once again as the “awesome foursome”. Here are some photos of the ride from San Francisco to Las Vegas.

Team America assembles. Great to meet up with Reece and Anna and have them join us for the trek across the US. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA, USA

Team America assembles