19,000km and the US National Parks

The ultimate 360 view. Grand Canyon, AZ, USAAfter 190 days on the road, Will and I have now cycled 19,000km and made it to the Grand Canyon with our USA cycling teammates Anna and Reece. After a brief period apart we are now back together as a pack of 4 to take on the vast emptiness of eastern Arizona and New Mexico. The last 10 days have taken us through some of the iconic national parks of the western United States. It has quite simply been the most breathtaking scenery of the entire trip.

We’ve also reached yet another fundraising milestone as the counter has now gone over £17,000. Thanks once again to everyone for the amazing support you have shown. Only 4500km to go now, starting with an evil mountainous 160km desert crossing tomorrow to bridge the gap to Kayenta, AZ – I’d better get some sleep. Here are some photos and captions from the last 2 weeks.

The hoodoos of Bryce Canyon. Despite it's name it's not actually a canyon because it wasn't formed by a river but rather water seeping away and eroding rock to form the hoodoos. (Something like that anyway) Bryce Canyon, UT, USA