90% Around the World

Will and I have now cycled 90% of our total distance around the world! On Thursday we arrived into Austin, 208 days after leaving Trafalgar Square. We’ve now cycled just under 21,000km and have only 2,340km to go. Together with Anna and Reece we’ve covered 2/3 of the distance across the USA. Time is racing away.

Racing to reach the next store to refuel before the sun disappears. Really tough day into an arduous headwind. Red Mesa, AZ, USA

Over the last few days we’ve found ourselves stuck in the middle of an arctic freeze blanketing the US. The temperatures have dropped up to 20 degrees and the temperature is at or below freezing in the mornings. I’ve found myself wishing we were still in the superheated deserts of Central Asia. It’s making the cycling less appealing and the camping almost unfeasible, so we’ve all been huddling together in Motel rooms in the evenings. We are however closing in quickly on the Gulf Coast where hopefully the elements will become more bearable again. Fingers crossed.

The last couple of weeks across Arizona, Utah and New Mexico have been unbelievably barren. As we’ve found out, there’s impressively little happening across much of the Wild-West. We’ve basically been bee-lining for Texas where there’s seemingly no shortage of small towns and great (large) food. It certainly feels like we’ve broken the back of it now and the team’s in high spirits and excited about the Southern US. (Will can’t seem to stop saying “Alabama” in his Forest Gump accent. At least he’s got the beard for it). Here are some photos from the last 2 weeks.